Must Have Hello Kitty Items for the Office

The only one who should be in office is Hello Kitty. Politically and in a place of business and I finally picked up a official Post It note featuring my favorite kitty cat. She has plenty of sticky notes and notepads but if there's a brand name it's preferred.

Best Hello Kitty Gifts for Mother's Day 2016

I don't have a mother so I don't have to get gifts every year but I do mind not getting a little something for myself. A little something usually turns into a lot of Hello Kitty like fruit from Edible Arrangments and more.


Hello Kitty Lesbian Romance Novel

While searching for Hello Kitty office supplies I came across a book called Hello Kitty about lesbian romance. Apparently romance books are now considered office supplies. Why can't I just find pens and paper anymore? I wish people would stop using Hello Kitty for sex.

hello kitty lesbian romance novel

I don't see romance novels calling themselves Snoopy or Mickey Mouse and please don't ever start.

I did make a set of Hello Kitty novels more appropriate for the office section of every store.

Support a Favorite Presidential Candidate w/ Hello Kitty!

I was just telling a fellow Twitterer that I've seen more Hello Kitty products with Donald Trump's last name than anything else until I looked up Ted Cruz and Kitty items are also listed with his name as well. This is so weird. There's also one with Clinton but it seems to be a store and not a name of the product. Say hello to Hello Kitty Trump Obento playing cards.