Friday, May 21, 2010


I am so obsessed with Hello Kitty I have started planning my funeral. I know that makes no sense but if I’m going to include Hello Kitty I need to start now and I need to make sure the husband knows exactly what I want and need. I was thinking of a burial and include all my Hello Kitty items with me in the casket which is a couple thousand items. I don’t want anyone else to have them and I’m afraid he might sell them or give them away when I’m gone. I did ask him to keep them if something should happen to me and he said he would. I would prefer to live forever so I could keep collecting Hello Kitty but that’s probably not a realistic goal. I will not rest in peace without my Hello Kitty.

   The Headstone. I am afraid someone might steal it though like in the movie Halloween (1978)

The casket but if I am going to add a couple thousand Hello Kitty items it needs to be bigger and by the time I pass on there will be more Hello Kitty items so the casket will need to be revamped.

Yes a tv wouldn't be too bad eaither in the casket playing Hello Kitty cartoons.

The location. It's all about location.

  The song. Anyone who has there own funeral has to have their favorite song. Now the only part in this song that refers to me is the 3 word line Hello Kitty Casket. Ignore the rest.

"Hello Kitty Casket" by Death Party

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  1. Where can i buy this? My friend has rabies and she is going to die soon. She was bitten by a bunny at a strawberry farm. She has 3 months to live.