Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hello Kitty watch out, one of your cousins is coming out. Her name is Rebecca Bonbon and she is a French Bulldog by Hello Kitty creator Yuko Shimizu. Let me tell you the name sounds like a stripper name and if I didn’t know the facts about this cute little puppy I would think this was another stunt by Paris Hilton. I love all of Hello Kitty’s family and friends and have planned on collecting every single one of them or more like every single 400 and something of them. I’ve got work to do but so does Bonbon because no cousin of an international icon and superstar wants to be in the shadow of their famous family. Speaking of that what happened to Angel Cat Sugar?

There's supposed to be an assortment of different products but nothing was mentioned about actual Bonbons. I prefer chocolate! :D

 Some of Rebecca's Products:
Cupcake Earrings

 A dog tag. What else.

She stole my heart!

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  1. It's cool Hello Kitty's got a lovley dog cousin but I really prefer Hello Kitty than this brand.